jessica wagoner

Jessica Wagoner, P.E.

Principal Electrical Engineer

LEED Accredited

With L&S Engineering since 1996

BS in Electrical Engineering, Gonzaga University

Member of the EWU EE Advisory Board

“I want to grow up and be a problem solver!”  I love the challenge of finding a solution. It’s what drives me and gives me great joy. 

The projects I consider as my biggest successes are sometimes the ones that had the greatest challenges.  Seeing my imagined ideas come to life in buildings is very satisfying.

Some of my favorite projects are the downtown Spokane Eye Clinic, Spokane Valley Tech, Spokane International Academy, and Transitions Women and Children’s Cottages.           

At L&S Engineering, we are not stereotypical engineers. I love to communicate and be a member of the team. My best work is achieved when I brainstorm with my colleagues.

After work I go home to… problem-solve some more! 

My home team members are Rick, the plumber extraordinaire, Milo and Mattie, the loyal companions; and the one feline dissenter, Hope Kitty. 

On a serious side, my husband and I get great enjoyment exploring on our Harley and spending time with our grandchildren.