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Home Yard Cottages

A Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Project

Spokane, WA

Project Overview

Home Yard Cottages is a women’s permanent supportive housing (PSH) project that provides women and their children a steady home. This project was unique as it was designed to be energy efficient with some of the cottages designed to have net zero energy use over a year. The high-efficiency design reduces living expenses for the residents. The project consisted of 24, 1-to-3-bedroom cottages and a community building with a large meeting area and a shared laundry room. L&S Engineering selected high-efficiency HVAC and water heating equipment, and photovoltaic cells on the roof, and advised on how to make the cottage construction envelope more energy efficient. We enjoyed working with the architect, multiple project partners, and the state to provide affordable housing, enabling the nonprofit Transitions to achieve its goals.

Consultant and Contractor Teammates:

Coffman Engineers
J.R. Bonnett Engineering

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